In-Class "Foundation TESOL Certificate" Program
Feeling eager to break into the field of teaching overseas, or to upgrade your abilities? Our Foundation course could be the best preparation before that. The great diversity of course content could let students know the most up-to-date information about new developments in overseas teaching world, while having the option to take the course in different ways. Our course has successfully helped many of our graduates start their teaching careers abroad, that they could learn step by step as they are being followed up--- The reward students can get is immeasurable.

Program Overview
- 120 Hours (2 Courses)
- Foundation TESOL Course + ONE Specialization Courses (Specialization courses list will be handed out by the end of the program.)
- Overseas Job Guaranteed
- Get your certificate fastest in 5-days

Our TESOL Foundation course has been developed for people who have never taught, teachers who want to break into the dynamic field of teaching overseas, or for those who want to upgrade their abilities. Our programs have been so successful at helping our graduates start their teaching careers abroad that we guarantee you will find a job.

Industry specialists have designed our unique foundation course. In addition, its contents are reevaluated each year to match changes in the market.

Target Students
- people who are high school graduates
- people who want to be an English teacher
- people who want to explore the outside world
- people who like to travel and work at the same time
- people who want to gain some unique life experience

Course includes:
This program is your practical, and comprehensive introduction to the exciting world of teaching English. Our Foundation course includes:
- 600+ page textbook
- 100+ page workbook
- 200+ page Global Employment Handbook
- access to our Grad Cafe
- lifetime career support
- 3 professional certificates

Teach English
- How to Confidently Teach English in Any Situation, Abroad or Locally?
- 40 Communication-Based TESOL Approaches and Methods
- Pronunciation, Conversation, & Communication
- Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing
- Lesson Planning and Teacher Preparation
- Phonology and Linguistics
- Grammar Review and Student Evaluations
- Communicative Approach
- Activity-Based Learning
- Promoting Dynamic Student/Teacher Interaction
- Pedagogy, The Art and Science of Teaching
- Teacher and Student Role Reversal
- Video Training and Analysis
- Music, Song, and Media for Language Acquisition
- Internet in the Classroom
- Teaching Philosophy
- English for Specific Purposes

Employment Related
- Finding the Best English Teaching Job Overseas
- Employment Contacts and Connections
- Obtaining Tutoring Contracts in Addition to Your Regular TESOL Employment
- Hot Tips on How to Make the Most Money Possible with TESOL
- How to Avoid Common Contract Pitfalls
- Overseas Teaching/Work/Travel Information and Tips
- Culture Shock - Leave Prepared
- Teaching and Tutoring English Locally
- Travel Safe and Secure Abroad Supplement

In-Class Foundation Teaching Schedule
Instructor Introduction
Introduction to the Course
Introduction to the Specializations
ESL/EFL Acronyms
Approaches, Methods, and Techniques
ESL/EFL Student Levels: Characteristics of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Students
Demonstration Lesson
Lesson Planning
Presentation Preparation & Topic Assignment
Using Games as Warm-Ups & Icebreakers
Philosophy of Teaching
How to Teach Children
How to Teach Adults
The Rassias Method
How to Teach English Vocabulary
Presentation Preparation
Using Music in the Language Classroom
Using Video for Language Learning
Teaching Listening Comprehension
The Total Physical Response Method
Teaching Linguistics
Challenges of Teaching Pronunciation Internationally
The International Phonetic Alphabet
Warm-Ups for Visual Learners
How to Teach Reading
Global Language Test
How to Teach Writing
ESL/EFL Student Assessment Techniques
TESOL Student Lesson Presentations
JET: A Year of Exploration
Warm-Ups for Tactile Learners
TESOL Student Lesson Presentations
Peer Evaluations
How to Teach English Grammar
Grammar Quiz and Resources
How to Teach Idiomatic Expressions
Overseas Job Guide Presentation
How to Write a Teaching Resume
How to Live Overseas

Please note that students will receive their program certificate or diploma only upon submission and passing of the Foundation Final Exam, as well as having successfully completed their first specialization.

In-Class TESOL Course Components:
- 32 hours of in-class instructor-led lecture and teacher training + 3 hours practical teaching training
- 5 hours of out-of-class creative lesson planning, presentation preparation, readings ,and exercises during the week of the course
- 20 hours of readings plus exam to be completed after the course at student's convenience
- 32 + 3 + 5 + 20 = 60 Hours of Study
- TESOL Foundation Certificate is awarded at the end of the in-class course
- The 60-Hour Specialization course(s) that you registered for is/are to be completed online

Sample Certificate:

Entry requirements and procedures
All candidates for the courses must:
- We accept all native English speakers with at least high school diplomas.
- Non-native speakers may be accepted
- A face-to-face or phone interview will be carried out with a qualified trainer from us to assess overall English ability.

Time 120 hours
Course fee $ 11,560