Plenty of the parents in Hong Kong are worried about the education system that they always do not hesitate to send their children abroad. However, students easily feel left-out and helpless due to their limited abilities in English. If they are not able to communicate in a foreign country, they are likely to give up.

Making a decision to set off to another country to study is extremely important. For students who have good English standards, studying abroad is obviously a good way out. Yet, for students who are weak in English, studying abroad might be a risky choice. Thus, an adequate preparatory course is greatly significant.

Our school "Egress English Language Centre" (School Number: 552925) provides you with an opportunity to build your prosperous future.

ˇiPost Secondary Educationˇj

Our Accounting Program with Canadian International Academy of Business & Technology, is a good alternative for you to save money, save time and pursue a better future. This program only takes about 1 year to finish. And it can save you a huge amount of overseas daily expenses because you only spend about 4 months in Canada.

ˇiStudy-abroad Preparationˇj

We act as a bridge for our students to have a better preparation and promising academic background. Our Study Abroad Preparatory Program provides different kinds of pre-departure services such as:

Our program provides the best English training and counseling for students. Students are prepared for studying abroad and for applying to the universities of their choice.