English Enhancement Course
Students are always facing difficulties in understanding and comprehending the materials taught at school due to the crowded environment of large classes. Students always find it hard to concentrate in class, so problems are easily accumulated that students would eventually give up learning English due to lack of interest.

This course aims to improve and develop students’ English ability as they encounter difficulties at school. It also aims to increase students’ interest in learning English.

Lesson Planning:
In class: Many students always face the same English problems as other students do. Therefore, during the first half of the class, through class discussion, students can ask the questions which they encounter at school. (Students can bring along their English textbooks and exercises so that they can present in class.) Questions will be solved quickly after the teachers’ instructions. During the second half of the class, through interesting class activities and exercises, students will be taught to improve their basic English knowledge.


Level (適讀年齡) P.1 - P.6 (小一至小六)

Duration (課程時間) 60 Minutes (60分鐘)

Fee (費用) $600/ 4 lessons ($600/4堂)