English is the most widely used international language of today. It is spoken by more than half of the people of the world. Therefore, English is a good medium of communication and we must learn it.  

Our school "Egress English Language Centre" (School Number: 552925) provides you with an opportunity to upgrade your English.



We provide all kinds of English programs in order to upgrade our students' overall English skills. We also aim to help all our students be qualified and capable of receiving education, not only in Hong Kong, but also in abroad. 

Egress English Language Centre is located at 4/F, Chasegold Tower, 100 Ma Tau Wai Road. It is about 1600 sq. ft and contains 6 individual classrooms. Our well-equipped centre provides a wide array of language programs in order to improve students' overall language ability while preparing in Hong Kong.


All our English teachers are guranteed to be university-graduated, major in English literature, linguistic, or translation. Our NETs (Native English Teacher) are responsible for the adult programs and conversation classes.

Miss Yvonne Lee (Principal)
  • McMaster University
  • International Teacher License
  • Advanced TESOL Diploma
  • Teaching TOEFL Preparation Certificate
Mr Jeffery Lam (Program Coordinator)
  • McMaster University
  • International Teacher License
  • Advanced TESOL Certificate
  • Former Badminton Coach (in Canada)
Miss Angela Lo (Program Officer)
  • Canadian International Academy
  • TESOL Certificate
Mr Justin Cameron
  • The University of Southern Queensland
  • Diploma of Multimedia
  • TESOL Certificate
Miss Toni
  • Ivy League University
  • TESOL Certificate


We place strong importance on the following areas:

  • speaking and listening skills
  • reading and writing skills
  • grammar and vocabulary building
  • comprehension and pronunciation skills
  • creative thinking

All our English programs are designed to cater for all age groups in Hong Kong, our programs include the following:

We place particular emphasis on educating primary and secondary students. We also provide comprehensive English programs that will greatly benefit adult learners.